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Name: Amaya
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Age: 23 (1993-04-22)
Gender: Female
Joined: 2011-01-18
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Language: english
Comments: I dont know how to draw... ^_^ but i love drawing!! I hope i can learn how to draw here in MOB

I also like writing stories I do that better ^_^
I read so many mangas they are awesome!!My mangas are mostly shojo beat but inubaka isnt shojo beat and I like it because im also inubaka(means crazy for dogs) I love animals ^_^ I like mermaid melody and sailor moon smiley I want to draw her!!!!!!!! My favorite authur is no other then Hayao Miyazaki
I also want to draw my stories and turn them into mangas(my stories are shojo beat lol i hope one day they get published)

If u ever want to read ONE story that i wrote find me in facebook look me up for Amaya Saphire (its not my real facebook it's the one i have for anything else lol) ^_^ and just say your from MOB and ill add you and then you ask that you want to read a story of mine ofcorse if u like Shojo lol but ill probably know that its for that jiji
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