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Name: Kyle
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Age: 22 (1994-06-17)
Gender: Male
Joined: 2010-08-07
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Language: english
Comments: Hey, I've just recently started to draw seriously (a couple months now) but I've liked drawing for a long time.

I have never, nor am I going to try digital drawing until I think I a good enough on paper, sorry to the people who want to see me draw. :C (It'll be soon I promise)

Oh, I forgot to mention I live in Toronto (Canadians rule!) and I'm 15. I like almost all animes, even romance. (If you can consider them romance O__O)

Last thing I think people need to know is that I absolutely love fruit. Name any fruit, I've eaten and liked it. And maybe that I hate school. e v e.

If you have any questions, or just want to talk add me on MSN or just send me a message. I'm also a moderator here, so if you have any questions/concerns/problems, feel free to ask me anything, anytime.
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