Hi! Welcome to MangaTutorials.com. My name is Rio and I own and run the site as well as make and draw a majority of the tutorials. I'm a self-taught artist and should you find any fault in my tutorials, please inform me. I'm constantly improving my ability and knowledge and any manga or art-related advice would be most welcome. Whether I follow the advice is another matter! ;)

Since this is basically a one woman show, your support would be most welcome. You can help keep the site going by patronizing our affiliates and ad sponsors as well as purchasing books and manga supplies listed in the aptly named Drawing Books and Materials pages. Proceeds will pay for mundane web hosting fees and buoy frequent contests or features such as our Manga Tutorials Groupboard which has drawing and chatting capabilities. If you have any questions, hop over to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page or if you would like to ask me something unanswered there, you can contact me via our online form or at rio[at]mangatutorials[dot]com.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the site!

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"MangaTutorials.com is a great site for aspiring manga artists of all skill levels. With commentaries, glossaries and tutorials on nearly every topic any manga-ka needs to know, MT.com provides an indispensible service to all otakudom."

--Miguel A. L. Esquivel,
Wizard Entertainment's
Anime Insider magazine


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 Manga Tutorials Mini-History

Browsing around the web and finding a lack of online how-to tutorials relating to manga, founder Rio put together a small section of tutorials in her Slayers fan art site called Forever Dramata in 1998. As time progessed, more tutorials were asked by enthusiastic people eager to learn this art form. Rio was more than happy to comply and by 2002, the once small tutorial site outgrew it's free web space. By 2003, it called for it's own web hosting. Tucked under an all-in-one site, Eclipse Unleashed, Rio thought it best to finally cut the strings and let the tutorials take center stage. Hence MangaTutorials.com was formed.

After less than two years, Manga Tutorials has become one of the places to be to learn how to draw manga with over 3,000 visitors per day requiring the move of the site to a new web host in Summer 2005. At its move, Manga Tutorials received a facelift and became more streamlined with nothing but the open sky in its horizon.

With a growing amount of visitors coming to the site, a forum was created for anyone to share their drawings and talk in general. An Oekaki was later added for those interested in drawing on the web and in 2007, Manga Tutorials added a neat collaborative drawing and chatting area called Groupboard. During that time, better rescources were also made available with a site RSS feed, printable tutorial files, an email contact form for those without email addresses, better book review area, and many more services on the way!

 Staff Members & Contributors


Who: Rio
Rio's the one who started this site and to this date, still maintains and runs it. Most of the tutorials you see in this site was made by her. Aside from drawing, Rio loves to read, play and make video games, and dabbles in multiple other things from gardening to cooking. She has a DeviantArt Account right here.


They keep the peace and sanity in the forum. Our moderators come from various parts of the globe and are regulars here at the site. Some even have fanclubs because of their position! D:
lokiotaku - Announcements
Dodgy - News
Taerl - Welcome Wagon
Jubeh - General Discussion
DarkMousysMinion aka Chii - Drawing & Tutorials
Alexander Hamilton - Art Corner
Resalan - Manga Works
henry - Artist Alley
kupocake, chihiro923, Hakushin_Ryouga (J_Hibiki @ forum) - Oekaki/MOB
Former mods: Shnorkel, Angel, inferno, yushi, phantompony, Mr. Cuddles, Yue, Reoku

Tutorial Contributor

Artists who have contributed to the site by submitting their own tutorial(s) or article(s). For more information about each contributor, check out the Additional Notes section of their tutorial located at the bottom of the page.
Ashura - Screentone Depot
Chris Riley - Making a Manga
Ilayan Spirov (aka BEAR) - Helicopter Profile & Mecha: Basics
Jass - Character Creation
Kapawww!! - Create Names for Characters and Locations
Maiko Covington - Life in a Japanese School: Introduction, The Subjects We Study, Events, Physical Education Class, Juku School, English Class, Ensoku, Bunkasai
Marie Dillingham (aka The Akamar) - CG and Original Lineart
Michelle - Characters and the Stories That Suit Them
Neoshaman - Character Profiling
VRaider - Model Painting
Zal - Greek Clothing Reference

General Contributor

The many folks who've contributed in other ways from sending in reviews, doing banners for the website, sent in tips to contests, news, etcetera and made this place better because of it.
Who: They are many and vary in what they have done but you know who you are and we thank you for your contribution!

 Previously Held Contests

Check out the contests MangaTutorials has held below. Funding for these contests are made possible through you and our affiliates (i.e the more support, the more contests - hint, hint ^_~). Make sure you check out the front page for any contests being held right now!

May 2004 Contest Winner - Mia Reyes Holiday Contest 2004 | Winner: Doug Murdock | Forum Thread

August 2004 Double Contest | Winner (US): Latika W. (USA), (Int'l): Tie, Yue (UK), Muroo (Hungary), and Qixian (Canada) | Forum Thread

June 2004 Fantasy Contest | Winner: Kouryou (USA) | Forum Thread

May 2004 Gogatsu Manga Kontesutu (May Manga Contest) | Winner: Mia Reyes (Philippines) | Forum Thread

April 2004 I NEED HELP!!! Drawing Contest | Winner: Alex C. | Forum Thread

March 2004 Fan Art Drawing Contest | Winner: Daemon Rai (USA) | Forum Thread

December 2009 Color Me Christmas Contest | Forum Thread

Image displayed by Mia Reyes, the May 2004 Gogatsu Manga Kontesutu winner. All rights reserved.

 Events Attended

AnimeNEXT 2006 MangaTutorials has attended the following events listed below. Read up on what happened, the people who stopped by, and of course - pictures galore!

AnimeNEXT 2006

 Old Banners

Previous banners we had displayed at the site during special occasions. Check them out:

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