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 April 2004 I NEED HELP!!! Drawing Contest

Do you have problems drawing something? Can't find any tutorials online? Then enter the I NEED HELP!!! Drawing Contest where the winner will get a chance to have Rio make a tutorial just for the lucky person! Bypass all the voting, suggesting, and waiting - just send in a drawing showing the subject you need help with and why you need the tutorial to Rio at rio[at]mangatutorials[dot]com. Make sure you specify "I NEED HELP!! Contest" in your email.

The Prize:
A tutorial of your choice!*

1. Entries must be emailed by April 26th. Anything sent after will not be accepted.
2. Contest is open to anyone. Yes, including folks in other countries besides US. And yes, previous winners (Daemon Rai) are welcome to enter.
3. One entry per person only. Hint: Pick your best and send it in! All forms of art welcome - black and white, cg drawings, watercolor, etc.
4. By entering, you give me the right to post up your artwork at this site and your name too, of course.
5. Anyone breaking any of the rules will be disqualified. No and's, if's, or but's.

Your privacy is greatly respected at this site. If you would like to just use your first name and first letter of your last name (ex. Rio A.) or use an alias, we are okay with either one. The winner will be asked to just name the country in which he or she is currently residing. No other information will be asked.

*Cannot be any tutorial already covered. If it is already covered, I must be able to expand that tutorial or amend it in some way to fit in what you would like covered. Also, tutorials cannot be ones I will be covering in the following months: clothes, backgrounds, anatomy. If you would like something covered in any of those areas, please ask me first before submitting your entry. I'll tell you if it's going to be put up and if it is, you can choose another potential tutorial before submitting your entry.

Other Entrants:
Before we get to our winner, here's a look at the other entrants for this month's contest. For a larger image, click on the thumbnail. Thanks for entering!

Untitled Drawing
Artist: Carlyse M.
Image Title: Untitled
Tutorial Requested: None specified

Ivy Neilein
Artist: Sunni Harford
Image Title: Ivy Neilein
Tutorial Requested: Detailed tutorial on anatomy and complex poses

Congratulations to Alex C!

It took me a looooong time (2 months!) to decide the winner for this contest but in the end, Alex's work won me over. Alex's tutorial request was for different poses that can bring his staid drawings such as above into life. It is a shame that he can draw quite an interesting original character but not be able to bring it out further by their pose. So now you'll all be seeing a tutorial on how to make interesting and different poses in the next several weeks!

April 2004 I NEED HELP!!! Drawing Contest Forum Thread


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