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 August 2004 Double Contest

This month's contest will be divided based on where you live. US residents may enter Contest #1 and receive a bishoujo game while Contest #2 is open to international residents and the winner will have their character featured in a ren'ai gameby yours truly!

There's nothing like playing a ren'ai game! Each vary from visual novel to RPGs. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and others mix both. For this contest, all you have to do is draw up a picture of your favorite character from a ren'ai game whether it's commercial or fan made. Also, state the character's name and what game he or she is from. To help you out, here are some fan made ren'ai games you can try out:

Tales of Lemma
Black Pencil
River Trap

Fan made ren'ai games must be original - no Love Hina, Evangelion, SimGirl, or non-original work allowed. Your art will just be returned to you. Characters from ongoing ren'ai games are okay (Love Revolution, Tales of Lemma 2, Town Heat, etc) If you would like to look for commercial games, be warned that most games are H. If you would like to avoid this, check out these sites for info on commercial games:

English Bishoujo World
Engligh Bishoujo Games Encyclopedia

If you would like more info, ask me at the forum.

Graduation Box Cover The Prize:
A classic game, Graduation, is a wonderful start when it comes to the world of bishoujo games.

Join Rica, Cyndi, Misa, Myna, and Sari for an entire school year of insanity. As their homeroom teacher, can you handle these five rebellious teenage girls for a whole year? Too strict? They could rebel and run away or get sick and drop out. Too lenient? They could ditch school and party or find a loser boyfriend. Balance is key but it's no easy feat! The end goal is graduation, but will they turn out naughty or nice??

Over 100 hours of gameplay! Runs on Windows 95 or better. Click on image for game screenshots. Rating: No H scenes though it may have teaser images.

Ren'ai games are wonderful to play for their art and story but if you have no money to buy any, being a part of the process is just as fun! For this contest, create your own original character but it must fit the criteria below:

Character Musts:
Name: Please tell me her name
Gender: Female
Age: She must look at least 18
Race: Can be human or mix species such as demon, were, etc. She cannot be a robot or alien.
Clothes: Nothing sci-fi. Everything else is okay.
View: You must draw your character at least from head to knee and be facing forward or at quarter view.
Pose: Standing up. Seductive look preferable.
Coloring: Black and white only. Red is okay but use it as accents only.

The Prize:
Your character will earn a spot in a ren'ai game by yours truly! Your character will play a pivotal role in the game as a seductress. Just what exactly she will do, you'll have to wait till the game is released. ^_~

Winning character is copyrighted to the winner and will be credited accordingly at the end credits of the game.

Note: I may redraw your character to fit in with the drawing style used in the game. If this is the case, your original drawing will be posted up in the ending credits. As the winner, you give me the right to use your character in the game and any way to help promote the game (wallpapers, avatars, banners, etc).

Double Contest Rules:
1. Entries must be emailed by September 14th. Anything sent after will not be accepted.
2. Contest is open to anyone. Please submit to your respective contest. If you enter to the wrong contest, you will be disqualified. ...Seriously.
3. One entry per person only. Hint: Pick your best and send it in! All forms of art welcome - black and white, cg drawings, watercolor, etc unless otherwise stated in the contest description.
4. By entering, you give me the right to post up your artwork at this site and your name too, of course.
5. Anyone breaking any of the rules will be disqualified. No and's, if's, or but's.

Your privacy is greatly respected at this site. If you would like to just use your first name and first letter of your last name (ex. Rio A.) or use an alias, we are okay with either one. Only the winner of the first contest will be asked to send us his or her address and will be kept confidential. We'll only post what country he or she is located. All other entrants will not be asked to send in their address or other contact info aside from their email, of course.

Winner (USA):
Congratulations to Latika W.!

Tika told me it took her two days to complete this entry and does it show! The character is Fuka from the non-H DVD bishoujo game, Amusement Park. For a closer look, click on the image.

Other International Entrants:
Thanks to all the participants of the contest. Their creativity and range of character interpretation was very refreshing. Great job you guys! Let's get a look:

Artist: Togepi
Character Name: Azorna
Age: 49 (in human years)
Race: Pakalat Demon

Artist: Mew
Character Name: Jendra
Age: 32
Race: Jaspis Demon

Artist: Wild Ronin
Character Name: Miyuki
Race: Human

Artist: Kay
Character Name: Rozetta
Race: Human

Winner (International):
I couldn't make up my mind between them and as a result, we have three winner's! Congratulations to the three: Yue, Muroo, and Qixian.

Muroo Naomi Adate Qixian

From left to right,

Artist: Muroo
Character Name: Muroo
Race: Human

Artist: Yue Yue Lee
Character Name: Naomi Yadate
Age: 18
Race: Human with mixed nationality. British mother and Japanese father.

Artist: Qixian
Character Name: Zene
Race: Human

Muroo and Qixian offers richly dressed characters that one can imagine hooking up with in real life. Yue, on the other hand, nailed the seductress aspect of the criteria, with her character Naomi. All three will be present in the fan-made ren'ai game and depending on the path you take, will encounter one of them...

Bigger image sizes not available. You have to wait till the game is complete. Complete details of the ren'ai game will be announced at a l ater date. Stay tuned!

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