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 Holiday Contest 2004

To round off the end of the year, we're holding a special contest where you get to choose your prize. Yes you! But it won't come that easy... you have to create your own original short-story manga. Send in your finished entry by December 20th to rio[at]mangatutorials[dot]com and make sure you specify the prize you prefer or else I'll choose for you.

Manga Detail Rules:
1. Black & white artwork only. Sorry, no color submissions.
2. Manga must be finished as in inked (even if digitally) and not in pencil.
3. Tones (i.e. dotted digital tones) are preferable but are not mandatory. If you prefer another method like cross hatching or digitially coloring in shades of gray, that is allowed.
4. Since entry's will be shown online and received through email, the maximum pages for each entry is 5.
5 . Legibility and spelling counts! Make sure you proof read your work and make sure I and anyone else can read it.
6 . Manga must be your own original work. NO FAN-MADE MANGA! Not even if you have original characters and have "guest" appearances by X character from Z series in one panel. One word: No.
7 . No team submissions! I'd rather not rip up a prize and send parts to each winning person. Do you?
8 . Submissions must be zipped. Please keep the size to around 5MB or less.
9 . Any genre is allowed.
10. NO hentai or nude pics! Suggestive images and words are okay.
11. Manga paper size: none specified. Work with what you have. Just make sure you leave white space between the edge of the paper and your panel.

What you need to send in:
1. Your 5 page entry
2. What prize you want
3. Title of your manga, genre, brief desciption of your story, rating (i.e. Teen, General), and your name or alias

Choose Your Prize:
There are three prizes up for grabs and only one person will walk away with one of them. Here is the low-down on each of them:

Prize #1: How to Draw Manga Macromedia FLASH Techniques
One of the many How To Draw Manga books, this edition shows you another way to color your artwork using Macromedia's popular web and animation software, Flash. Written by Aki Ito, this book shows you several techniques employed by top-notched Flash artists with 144 pages of info in full color. Image shown to the left.

Prize #2: Manga University Costume Collection "Day in the Life of a Japanese Schoolgirl"
Manga University is a fairly new line of books translated into English but unlike the How to Draw Manga series, they provide wonderful reference and resource images for artists. This book has real-life model reference images from girls in school uniforms to maid, waitress and other outfits like kimono's that a Japanese girl may use during the course of a day. All in all, 140 b&w pages with 500 photos in different perspective's and angles.

Prize #3: Inu Yasha Poster Set
From Rumiko Takahashi's anime and manga series, Inu Yasha: A Fuedal Fairytale. The set includes two wonderful posters are sized at 15"x22". They are also laminated making these posters long-lasting. One poster is horizontal as shown to the left and the other is vertical.

1. Entries must be emailed by December 20th, EST. Anything sent after will not be accepted.
2. Contest is open to anyone. Yes, including folks in other countries besides US. Entries from former winners are okay.
3. One entry per person only.
4. By entering, you give me the right to post up your manga at this site and your name too, of course.
5. You must follow the Manga Detail Rules or you may risk disqualification.
6. Anyone breaking any of the rules will be disqualified. No and's, if's, or but's.

Your privacy is greatly respected at this site. If you would like to just use your first name and first letter of your last name (ex. Rio A.) or use an alias, we are okay with either one. Only the winner will be asked to send us his or her address and will be kept confidential. We'll only post what country he or she is located. All other entrants will not be asked to send in their address or other contact info aside from their email, of course.

Manga Manga Manga!
First and foremost, I'm happy to see all the wonderful entry's for this contest. It was fun reading through all of them. Well done! Several were tied for the winning position with each having their strengths in certain aspects but in the end, it boiled down to text and editing. Despite a wonderful story, artwork, and/or even lovable characters - proper spelling (grammer, spelling errors), text layout (text ran into edge of balloon, huge text block was clumped together), and readability is something a manga creator shouldn't ever overlook. Winner or not, there's always room for improvement and I hope to see you guys do so with time.

Second, a big round of applause to everyone who managed to send their entry in even if it was late. You're all winner's in my opinion as it's one thing to talk about making something and quite another to actually do it. For those who didn't have a chance to submit or finish their manga, keep at it! When you're done, feel free to share your work in the Manga Works forum. Now let's get to the manga's....

Note: Click on the image to read the manga. To go to the next page, click on the manga page.

By Lil Fishy
Pages: 5
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Everyone
Synopsis: A Christmas story.

By Dan B.
Pages: 5
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy
Rating: Everyone
Synopsis: Ever wondered how someone could hate the jolly man himself? This is one possible scenario...

By Mew
Pages: 5
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy
Rating: Everyone
Synopsis: Józsi and Jendra are two Jaspis Demons. With two stones that can make them change into humans, they decide to hold a contest: the first one to eat a human wins!

By Qixian Lao
Pages: 1
Genre: Sci-fi
Rating: Everyone
Synopsis: In the distant future, wealthy people live on Mars. The planet Earth has become very fragile and wars have been moved to space. No longer do humans fight in wars - they let giant robots handle it. Like Pinocchio, Robot wants to be a human.


By Doug Murdock
Pages: 1
Genre: Sci-fi
Rating: PG
Synopsis: Aliens have invaded Earth and a lone female sets out to crush them. Holiday Contest 2004 Forum Thread


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