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 May 2004 Gogatsu Manga Kontesutu (May Manga Contest)

To celebrate Asian month (May), send in your best drawing with an Asian theme. Just drawing a character anime-style will not be enough, though. Add an Asian flare with Chinese dragons, or Asian clothing, or maybe even portray the Japanese Harumatsuri (Spring Festival).* Send in your finished entry to Rio at rio[at]mangatutorials[dot]com. Make sure you specify "May Contest" in your email.

* These are just suggestions and are not what you have to draw. Feel free to come up with something else Asian related if you like. :)

Shoujo Phonebook The Prize:
Brand new, unopened and un-read Magaret Shojou Manga Phonebook with Furoku. Furoku are bonus items - in this case they are stickers. Text is in Japanese. It has several full color pages, and the remaining are in regular paper with each manga in their own color. Over 600 pages and a lot of stories by various artists packed into one volume. This is Magaret Volume 5 (2004) edition published by Shueisha. This is a great way to learn Japanese, to look at current drawing styles, and quite interesting to have in your collection.

1. Entries must be emailed by May 24th. Anything sent after will not be accepted.
2. Contest is open to anyone. Yes, including folks in other countries besides US and previous winners are welcome to enter.
3. One entry per person only. Hint: Pick your best and send it in! All forms of art welcome - black and white, cg drawings, watercolor, etc.
4. By entering, you give me the right to post up your artwork at this site and your name too, of course.
5. Anyone breaking any of the rules will be disqualified. No and's, if's, or but's.

Your privacy is greatly respected at this site. If you would like to just use your first name and first letter of your last name (ex. Rio A.) or use an alias, we are okay with either one. Only the winner will be asked to send us his or her address and will be kept confidential. We'll only post what country he or she is located. All other entrants will not be asked to send in their address or other contact info aside from their email, of course.

Other Entrants:
Before we get to our winner, here's a look at the other entrants (in no particular order) for this month's contest. For closer looks, click on the respective image. Thanks to all for entering! :)

May & May
Artist: Adriana G.
Image Title: May May

Japanese Garden
Artist: Joseph Griffin
Image Title: Japanese Garden

Court Lady by Lindsay
Artist: Lindsay T.
Age: 15
Image Title: Court Lady

Yuki Onna
Artist: Kerry M.
Image Title: Yuki-Onna
Snow Demon from Jap. myths

Lindsay entered her drawing above based on the classic Japanese novel, A Tale of Genji. She provided the following info: The drawing is of a court lady of Japan in Ancient Heian times. Women living in the Imperial castle led very isolated and lonely lives in the high walls of court. Most of them turned to writing, which is why the majority of literature written in that time was written by women in the form of diaries and poems. The diaries were often melancholic, and sad, and dealt with their longing to connect with others. Participating in this contest, led me to find one of greatest works of Japan, "The Tale of Genji", written by a court lady in Heian times. As I read, and thought about what their lives must have been like, I wrote this little poem to go along with the drawing, although it's not written in Tanka or Haiku form.

Days fall like pretty blossoms
later trampled underfoot
for they mean nothing.
Another sun sets
behind my fan, as
I await the darkness.

Congratulations to Mia Reyes!

Her entry entitled "Spring" captures the Asian month of May and theme of this contest quite wonderfully. The details are excellent, the coloring great, and use of a photo background quite nicely. For a closer look, click on the image above.

May 2004 Gogatsu Manga Kontesutu


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