How NOT to Draw Manga
by Reid & Kantz
Pages: 191 (b&w)
Publisher: Antarctic Press (June 2004)
ISBN: 1932453601

Chapter 1: Character Creation!
-Typical Characters
-Costumes (Female & Male)
-"Originality" Tips & Tricks
Chapter 2: Genre
-Period Drama
-Bizarre Love Triangle
Chapter 3: Mecha

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Book Review by Rio

The Good: The book is one giant graphic novel making this an easy read for younger audiences. The book moves through the most important topics and aspects of making manga that you need to know such as giving a low-down of the basic character archetypes in manga.

The Bad: A majority of sub-par jokes and storytelling makes this a less than exciting read. Also, this book is a fairly light read and most of the instructions aren't actually drawing lessons but just sets of notes or images that you learn from. For example, you won't find instructions on drawing anatomy like in other "How to Draw" books.

Overall: An average book with weak points and good points rolled into one. Weak points: some of the jokes and the story telling was lame in my opinion. Good points: as well as covering the most important things to know about manga (anatomy, clothes, stories, etc), it also covered other topics untouched by others particularly the fan service panty shot section which was actually right-on-the-money, so to speak.
This book has nudity but they are actually edited out with a black box like you see in movie's which makes this a young-reader friendly book. They also play with this edit and run jokes around it which is not bad, all in all.

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