How to Draw Anime & Game Characters Vol. 1: Basics for Beginners and Beyond
by Tadashi Ozawa
Pages: 152 (b&w)
Publisher: Graphic Sha (Aug 2002)
ISBN: 4766111206

Chapter 1: Let's Get Down to the Basics!
Chapter 2: Different Ways to Draw Characters' Expressions
Chapter 3: Drawing Bodies
Chapter 4: Drawing Detail
Chapter 5: Now, It's Time for the Real Test

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Book Review by Rio

The Good: Ozawa covers parts of the body he deems important (head, feet, hands, eyes, hair) and the rest of the book focuses on examples of 15 character-archetypes on the head and whole character body shown in different views giving a lot of examples of various character types. You get to know different ways of drawing the hair, eyes, nose, and other details while learning various tips. He even has a nice section on character arrangement for a pin-up and a critique section of artists with various skill levels.

The Bad: Ozawa approaches drawing in a different manner than the typical drawing book. He doesn't go into sections on how to draw specific sections of the body such as the hips, arms, etc. He starts you off drawing the whole body and getting you into the mindset of critiqueing your own drawing and improving it. Some people may be detered by this and others may not.

Overall: What I liked about this book is it shows how you can lay out your character design. He covers the head initially, showing various head point of views - why they have certain features and what personality they project - and doing the same for the full body section complete with clothing.

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