How to Draw Anime & Game Characters Vol. 4: Mastering Action and Battle Moves
by Tadashi Ozawa
Pages: 160(b&w)
Publisher: Graphic-Sha (Aug 2002)
ISBN: 4766112547

Chapter 1: Know the Basics
Chapter 2: Running and Walking: The Basics of Movement
Chapter 3: Action
Advice from a Young Creator: Chihiro Inoue
A Look at the Professional Workplace: Studio 4C

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Book Review by Rio A.

The Good: If you've gotten Ozawa's other books, then you already know how detailed his books get! This volume is no different and goes a step further by showing you actions in progress such as showing you each movement of a person walking. Then he shows you how to do the same action but at different angles and foreshortening views.

The Bad: There's so much info in here that it'll take you awhile to digest all the information in it. It's stacked full of drawings and side notes!

Overall: There are quite a lot of action moves in this book. Quite unlike Martials Arts & Combat Sports and Illustrating Battles editions, this book prep you to think in 3 dimensions. If you're set on making animations and video games in the future, this book is the best way to learn spatial relations and seeing your characters more than just one or two-dimensionally. If you're into making manga, getting this book won't hurt at all but you're probably better off getting the Illustrating Battles book initially.

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