How to Draw Anime & Game Characters Vol. 5: Bishoujo Game Characters
by Tadashi Ozawa
Pages: 160 (b&w)
Publisher: Graphic-Sha (Jun 2003)
ISBN: 4766112768

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Book Review by Elese:

The Good: This is a GREAT book! The book really goes in depth with the eight personalities types presented. It also shows how each of the personalities look like in different emotions. I really appreciate how the book is filled with sample scenes that might occur in a game or anime.
In a word, this book can be described as encyclopedia; the chapter "Uniforms and Costumes" will not leave you disappointed. There is a very large section on school uniforms and other school centered out fits, along with kimono, martial art out fits, and more. There are a lot of props that you are sure to use (like purses and school bags and if you have action in your manga/anime will find useful info on how to draw guns and Asian weapons.)

The Bad: Like I said before, this is like a encyclopedia, so it's great for you all who know how to draw. This book contains nothing on how to draw girls like the Ultimate Manga Lessons Vol.1 and 2 and other HTDM books. This doesn't mean that you will not use this book, exactly the opposite, it's just that this book is good for those who know how to draw and would like to work on there bishoujo characters, story, or need costumes--that sort of thing.

Overall: If you don't know how to draw yet, this book doesn't focus on teaching you drawing skills; it's like an encyclopedia that has a lot of things you will need to draw when drawing bishoujo centered material. But no matter where your skill level is, you will defiantly use this book; believe me it will come in handy.

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