How to Draw Manga Special: Colored Original Drawing
by The Society for the Study of Manga Tech
Pages: 120 (color)
Publisher: Graphic Sha (Jun 2001)
ISBN: 4889960473

Chapter 1: COPIC Sketch Markers
Chapter 2: COPIC Airbrushing System
Chapter 3: Try Using Different Painting Materials with Markers

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Book Review by Rio

The Good: Tutorials are very easy to follow going in a step-by-step manner from original pencil drawing to fully-colored finished image. All the instructions are in color which allows for easier visual than black and white. There were surprisingly a good amount of other handy tips you can use for other purposes such as the tracing down technique for those without a lightbox.

The Bad: This is basically one big ad for COPIC markers and airbrush plus there are some provocative poses in here which some may find unsuitable for younger readers.

Overall: I absolutely loved this book even though it makes you want to get the COPIC marker and airbrush (which cost a lot of $$$). You could apply their techniques with other similar products that are more affordable though - and then when you have enough money, you can get the COPIC products. ;)

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