How to Draw Manga: Couples
by Hikaru Hayashi
Pages: 128 (b&w)
Publisher: Graphic Sha (Dec 2002)
ISBN: 4766112415

Chapter 1: Theory Behind Drawing Couples
Chapter 2: From Dating to Making Love
Chapter 3: Techniques of Manga Artists

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Book Review by Rio:

The Good: When this book says couples it mainly refers to people in a relationship. Not just male and female but same-sex couples as well. It covers everything from holding hands, kissing, hugging, sitting together, walking, and even sleeping.

The Bad: A lot of mushie images to look through but then, what do you expect from a "Couples" book? Also, examples are usually nude throughout the book and the bedroom scene section may not be appropriate for younger readers.

Overall: I must admit, I thought this was another useless edition of the How to Draw Manga series. Having read through it, it's not as worthless as I originally percieved. I think this would be expecially useful for those making a manga with couples or have a romantic genre overall.


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