How to Draw Manga: Female Manga Characters
Techniques for Drawing Female Manga Characters

by Hikaru Hayashi
Pages: 128 (b&w)
Publisher: Graphic Sha (Dec 1999)
ISBN: 476611146X

Chapter 1: Drawing the Female Figure: The Basic Rules
Chapter 2: Drawing the Female Figure: The Parts of the Body
Chapter 3: Drawing the Female Figure: Using Detail for Effect
Chapter 4: Learn from the Pros

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Book Review by Rio

The Good: This book, unlike the Pretty Girl volumes, focus on the anatomical side of females in detail such as typical shapes of breasts, how they move when the body is at reast, laying, standing, or hunched over. Similar to the Male Character book, Hayashi also has a section of clothing for women covering underwear, bra, regulation swimsuit, gym attire, and the like.

The Bad: This book focuses on anatomy. If you're lookign for more detail in other areas like daily actions, you're better off getting the Pretty Girl volumes.

Overall: This book is wonderful for learning the anatomical side of females and briefly shows some daily actions. Other than that, once you know the ins and outs of the female anatomically, you're pretty much set in drawing them.


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