How to Draw Manga: Girls' Life Illustration File
by Kuzuko Tadano & Tadashi Ozawa
Pages: 136 (b&w and color)
Publisher: Graphic Sha (May 2003)
ISBN: 4766113381

Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home
Chapter 2: Girly Stuff
Chapter 3: Fashion Statements
Chapter 4: The Bare Essentials
Chapter 5: No Boys Allowed!

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Book Review by Rio:

The Good: An inside look into a Japanese and stereotypical manga girl's life. Includes their personality types, where they would live, how they would dress, what they would carry, what they would have in their study desk, and other specific details that someone (especially a typical guy) would not know.

The Bad: If you're really familiar with how girl's live already, this book is pretty much non-essential. :(

Overall: Personally, the first time I saw this book, I thought it would be useless. Having poured through it though, it's quite informative in some cases. The part I liked the most is how Tadano goes into the houses of each character type and show how they would live - their room size, furniture, kitchen, bathroom, and foyer. All in all, this is a good way to learn how to build up a specific female character personality.

If you're already comfortable making your own female characters from their personality to lifestyle, then this book wouldn't be of much help.

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