How to Draw Manga: Occult & Horror
by Hikaru Hayashi
Pages: 127 (b&w)
Publisher: Graphic Sha (Jul 2001)
ISBN: 4766111508

Chapter 1: The Theory of Drawing Occult
Chapter 2: Monsters and Ghosts
Chapter 3: Spirits, Devils, and Fantasy Creatures
Chapter 4: Forces of Good
Chapter 5:The Technique of Manga Artists/Occult Gallery

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Book Review by Rio

The Good: These specific themed books are wonderful and Occult & Horror is no different from the rest. Hayashi once again covers a wide variety from human monsters, standard monsters, animal monsters, and how to create the mood necessary for a successful horror manga.

The Bad: Not for the faint of heart. The zombie was fantastically grotesque and there is a section on drawing dismembered body parts which may be unsettling for some folks. Not to mention the cool ghost scenes and other... umm yeah, if you don't like creppy stuff, then this book isn't for you.

Overall: A great reference book for those interested in drawing monsters and the macabre. The book covers typical monsters and even those you may not have thought or dreamed about.


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