How to Draw Manga: Male Characters (OR Young Men)
by Hikaru Hayashi
Pages: 127 (b&w)
Publisher: Graphic Sha (Feb 2003)
ISBN: 4766112407

Chapter 1: Approaches to Drawing the Male Form
Chapter 2: The Male Body - Parts and Connectives
Chapter 3: Basic Poses - The Figure Clothed and Unclothed
Chapter 4: Male Clothing and Accessories
Chapter 5: Representation Techniques Used By Manga Artists

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Book Review by Rio

The Good: Hayashi covers variences in body type, age, facial features (feminine vs. masculine), and even covers clothes they would wear (shoes, boxers vs. briefs, shorts, glasses) including uniforms from police, traffic, subway, hotal manager, and otehr personnel. He even includes the kimono and kinagashi.

The Bad: The uniforms shown are exclusively Japanese. Although they may have resemblances to the same personnel in your area, there are still differences.

Overall: Pratically all you need to know in order to draw a realistic male character is covered in this book. All his sections has mutiple views of the same item or pose that's greatly useful to help visualize and have learner's apply in their own drawings.


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