How to Draw Manga: Mech Drawing
by Katsuya Yamakami
Pages: 128 (b&w)
Publisher: Graphic Sha (Nov 2003)
ISBN: 4766113349

Chapter 1: Tricks to Depicting "Metallic" Textures
Chapter 2: Learning Simple Mecha Structures from the Basic Shapes
Chapter 3: Key Techniques in Rendering Mecha According to Function (Land or Air Mobile)
Chapter 4: Kep Points in Rendering Brainstorm-inspired Ultra Mecha

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Book Review by Rio:

The Good: What I liked best about this edition is 1) how Yamakami shows you how to illustrate the materials of plastic, chrome, glass, and rubber and 2) how he illustrates a variety of normal vehicles and shows you how to modify and transform them into something else better. For example, turning a race car into a hovercraft auto.

The Bad: He uses certain car examples and does not show a variety. Bad in that it is limited to one example but essentially gets the point across.

Overall: Not just mobile suit mecha armor, this book covers your average mecha from cars, planes, helicoptors, and motorcycles. It's basically a follow-up to Hayashi's Giant Robot book which is excellent for the mecha artist out there.


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