How to Draw Manga: Pen & Tone Technique
by Ryo Toudo & Hikaru Hayashi
Pages: 128 (b&w)
Publisher: Graphic Sha (Mar 2003)
ISBN: 476611258X

1. Pen Techniques
2. Penning Materials and Tools
3. Screen Tone Techniques
4. Screen Tone Materials and Tools
5. Bonus: Tone Etching Techniques
6. Knowing Tone: All About I-C Screen
7. Knowing Tone: Letraset's Screentone

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Book Review by Rio A.

The Good: It covers all the bases of tones you should need to know and then some like drawing your own "tones" by stipling, hatching, and other techniques.

The Bad: If you've gotten other drawing books that have covered tones, then it's basically pointless to get this book. Though it may have a few new tricks here and there, you're better off just looking through it at the bookstore.

Overall: This book is a good start for those artists interested in making their own manga and in tones - and not just the dotted kind too. I would suggest this as the first toning book you get. If you need more info on toning effects, then you should move on to Super Tone Techniques.
If you already have other toning books like Compiling Techniques and Compilation Application & Practice, then you're better off not buying it at all.


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