How to Draw Manga: Giant Robots
by Hikaru Hayashi
Pages: 127 (b&w)
Publisher: Graphic Sha (Nov 2003)
ISBN: 4766112555

Section 1: Basic Robot Design
Section 2: Combat Robots
Section 3:Female Robots

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Book Review by Rio

The Good: Hayashi simplifies matters by classing each part as much as possible with shapes. For example, eyes being either circular, triangular, or squarish. He takes the same concept to the body, arms, asn other areas making easy to understand how to robots are drawn. He even shows how you can get ideas from everyday objects, animals, and humans and turn them into robots.

The Bad: I was surprised not to see any powered suit-types but then I guess this is strictly robots and powered suits is more of an armor.

Overall: What I really liked about this book is how it translates a robot body by using the basic human shape and making it blocky and reshaping it accordingly. (Mostly because I was arguing with someone that this is the right was to draw robots and he said otherwise - ha! ^-^) This way, you can use your knowledge of anatomy and easily, with some practice, make robots too.


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