How to Draw Manga: Getting Started
by K's Art
Pages: 128 (b&w)
Publisher: Graphic-Sha (Cot 2001)
ISBN: 4921205000

Chapter 1: The Basics - Pens, Ink and Paper
Chapter 2: So You Wanna Draw Characters?
Chapter 3: Setting the Proper Tone
Chapter 4: The Art of Storytelling
Chapter 5: Beautiful Backgrounds

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Book Review by Rio:

The Good: What I find interesting and quite useful in this book is that besides being seperated per chapter, it is further broken down into topics - 60 in total - with each pointing out something specific. There are several chapters which also have a summary of sorts compiled as a Q&A section with further tips and info.

The Bad: This touches upon everything and doesn't go in-depth into anything except manga making in general.

Overall: Just as it says, this book is for the artist "Getting Started" but it should include " drawing your own manga". If you are only interested in drawing manga/anime style only, then this book would stray into manga creation that you'll find basically unhelpful. For the aspiring manga-ka, this is a great start and much more comprehensive than some other like books.


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