Manga Techniques #5: How to Draw Japanese Manga
by Shunji Haraguchi, Kai Hinamoto
Pages: 80
Publisher: Diamond Comic Distribution (Oct. 2003)
ISBN: 4889961348

Drawing Techniques and Process
Tool Selection and Use
How to Draw Different Characters
Background and Perspective
Drawing in Panels

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Book Review by Rio

The Good: This book is fun to read considering it's basically a tutorial in manga format. The two characters, depicted at the cover, are funny and personable making the learning process interesting. I was quite surprised to find that it had 4 sample manuscript paper - blue lined with measurements all around - just like the real pro paper! Woooo-weeee. :D

The Bad: Since this is a comic basically, the points made are not too in-depth. They are basic important info that you just need to know to make a manga. Also, if you're not used to it, the book reads back-to-front in its original Japanese format making the read a bit queer initially. Some of the text doesn't fit in the balloons quite nicely.

Overall: This book covers how to make manga quite succinctly. From materials, paper, toning, page layout, and it even has sample paper you can use! Too bad the sample paper at the back wasn't perforated for easy detachment from the book. Otherwise, this is perfect for people specifically looking for a light read and basic info on putting together their own comic. For more in-depth information, though, you're better off getting another book.

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