Mecha's: The Basics

By Iliyan Spirov (aka BEAR)

Drawing mechs can be hard sometimes, especially when you don’t know exactly what to draw!

In order to draw a mech, you first need to figure out how they will work. That rule goes for everything technological you draw. Drawing humans is easy because you know how they work. When you know how your mech will operate by thinking about it for a bit, you're ready to draw!

Okay, let’s begin! There are many kinds of mechs in Manga or Anime, but the most popular in my opinion are the “Humanoid” mechs. When drawing them, I think of them as a human with some cool gear!

Part I: Basic Knowledge
First you need to know the basics about mechs (and other cyberpunk stuff):

1. Use straight lines and angular parts for your machines.
2. For mechs, use smaller heads because big head looks funny (and that’s not what you usually want).
3. Put details on them (bolts, wires, circuits, strange lines, textures, whatever) but don’t overdo it. Keep it kind of simple.

Often I draw many parts such as hands, legs, heads, guns etcetera on separate sheets of paper and then I put them together. It’s like LEGO! Of course, you can draw them as differently from each other as much as you wish! We’re all different after all and your mechs should be as well.

Part II: Time to Draw
So how will our Mech work (or what he will have)? Here is what I got: "Close combat type with big fists and feet. Body armor (or something) and jet engines on his back". But enough talk, let’s get started! First I sketch out my Mech:

We need to complete the “skeleton”! Note: Shapes may vary depending on the style of your mech

Looks like a human doesn’t it? Now we have the base to “build” our Mech. Time to put something over those “bones”!

Here it is! I used parts I have already drawn before. As you can see I used the ERASER A LOT! I made his head smaller (looks cool this way). Now, erase some useless lines and add some details!

...And it's done!

It’s really up to you on what you draw. Try new ways to connect your mecha’s parts! :) I can add details forever, but I’ll stop now. Now it’s your turn. Give it a try!

Btw, more Mechs and other Tech tutorials coming soon! Next time: parts for mechs - designing and using them.

Additional Info:

If you have any questions about this tutorial, you can contact Iliyan in the forum via PM. His membername is BEAR. To see more of his work, visit his art thread in the Artist Alley at the forum.

***Instruction provided by Iliyan Spirov (aka BEAR). Copyright © 2007 Ilayan Spirov. All rights reserved.***

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